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HTML5 History API not supported. Last event fired: (none). To test the History API, click through the urls below. JavaScript will intercept these clicks, load data and the browser address bar will appear to change - but this is the History API in action! History API.  The HTML5 drag and drop API allows support for dragging and dropping items within and between web sites. Fullscreen API. Controls the usage of the whole screen for a Web page or application, without the browser UI displayed. HTML5 History API allows web developers to move forward and backward in session history or adding/removing entries from session history easily.

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Note that none of these urls point to real pages. JavaScript will intercept these clicks, load data and the browser address bar will appear to change - but this is the History API in action! Using the History API. The History API helps solve the aforementioned issues by giving us the ability to transform URLs, like to, without triggering a page refresh. The following lists the history object's members and their purposes: history.back(): Navigates to the previous URL in the history stack. According to the HTML5 file API is reasonably well supported in most browsers. A few browsers do not support the File constructor, but you don't need that.

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The History API provides a simple solution to this problem. With great browser support there really is no reason why you can’t start using this today. How do you plan to use the History API in your projects? Share your thoughts in the comments. Useful Links.